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April 4Th. Meeting

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April 4, 2011

Attendance: Don Coulter, Eric and Sharon Wallhausen, Carl and Betty Howard, Kurt Seibel

Minutes accepted as read: Betty Howard motioned and Kurt Seibel seconded.

Old Business:

The group discussed the purchase of a brick for the Pitcairn Renaissance Center. Kurt Seibel showed samples to the group. Prices of $40.00/ regular size and $80.00/8 x 8. The group discussed the mission statement and preservation and historical interest as a guide to spending the money. While it is a donation in a sense, the group discussed the permanence, historical value, and advertising for the group. The group will continue to discuss this in light of size to make sure the group name and symbol fit. This will be tabled for next month.

The book batch, 30 copies, with three contributed have sold at $15.00 per book, with 18 sold. It appears that the article in the newspaper sold most of the copies and also brought people to the museum to visit and buy a book. Kurt suggested that the website might also benefit from being linked to FACEBOOK. Kurt offered to set up this page to invite people to view the page, website, and buy a book. We talked about making sure we have enough books for the Alumni week and the open house for the museum. Sharon motioned that we give Carl authority to order 30 minimum up to 60 books at his discretion in the next month. Eric seconded. Kurt will make an effort to set up a FACEBOOK page for The Pitcairn Historical Society.

Don Coulter suggested that mistakes noted in the book should be edited from further batches.

New Business:

Founder’s Day Festival:

Ideas for display; search records for Pitcairn census records

Interview with video camera, 5 min. “memories of Pitcairn” participants at the Festival

Digital Photo frame; DVD, pictures rotating

Town History overview

Sell: Water $1.00, books $15.00, DVD’s $10.00, Christmas Bulbs (go with book) or $5.00.

Carl will be attending a meeting to discuss the use of the Pitcairn Park Building.

Announcements: Eric purchased and contributed the book: Pennsylvania Railroad, Diesel Locomotive Pitctorial Volume 1- Alco RS series; by John D.l Hahn, Jr.

Sharon gave the group a Flood video. Carl will take it home and look at it’s content.

Meeting adjourned.

January 3, 2011

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January 3, 2011


Attendance:  Carl Howard, Betty Lou Howard, Don Coulter, Louis Chandler, Kurt Seibel, Sharon and Eric Wallhausen, and new member Diane Newton.


Old Business


Sharon reviewed November minutes with the group. 


1. Minutes for December were read.  Eric inquired about the members who joined the website.  Several people have joined via the website.  The group discussed theway to update the membership on activity. Louis commented that keeping the minutes available on the website is oneway to inform the membership.  Sharon will email copies of the minutes to Carl Howard who will load them to the website to keep the membership informed. The minutes were approved as read.



2. Sharon Wallhausen requested that Betty Lou or Carl work with Sharon to compose a letter to Russell George and Carl Thompson requesting information about their businesses and how they got started. As well as a CD from Carl Thompson.  Russell George provided to Rennine multiple CD’s that include the work of these two men. They have been made a gift to the PHS. The group plans to request from them the story of their connection toPitcairn.


3. Carl thanked Kurt Seibel for getting rid of some computer equipment.  The printer is in disrepair.  Kurt is trying to determine the feasibility of repairing the printer with the correct toner.  He will continue removing equipment that is obsolete. 


4. Kurt Seibel commented on the contact from Arcadia Publishing regarding making a book.  He emailed her regarding the next step.  Erin L. Vosgien wrote some suggestions regarding the process.  Louis Chandler discussed his experience making a book himself for the Monroeville Historical Society.  Louis presented a copy for the group’s review.  He has been going through the PHS and has located several hundred pictures that he thinks would create an excellent book.  The group discussed doing our own book which does not preclude working with Arcadia.  This is a pictorial history book.  Each picture has a brief description.  Sharon suggested that the group think about the categories and contacting people who have knowledge of history in these categories and have preludes to the chapters written by these individuals.  Don Coulter stated that Wilmerding, Gerry Homitz, has worked with Arcadia and could possibly give us some information on their experience.  Sharon stated that one barrier is the momentum to complete such a project requires leadership.  Louis Chandler would be willing to take a committee leadership on the book contacting members when things are needed to move it forward.  Don raised the question of cost.  PHS makes a small profit on the books when sold: Publishing copies as needed through a small company like Kinko as needed.  Carl Howard motioned that the PHS, headed by Louis Chandler, will create a pictorial history book.  Eric Wallhausen seconded the motion.  Motion passed.  Kurt will contact Arcadia to put this project on hold. 


5.  Discussion that June be designated as Pitcairn Historical Month in honor of the signing of the Charter.  Kurt motioned that we make this official and Eric Wallhausen seconded. All in favor.  Carl Howard will approach the Borough of Pitcairn about making an official declaration in the Borough as well at a future date. Pitcairn Historical Society will be open every Saturday in June.  We will advertise with the Times Express at a later date. 


6.  Founder’s Day:  Carl reported that the Borough has been approached regarding the use of the grounds around the Park Building.  The borough stated that perhaps they would meet with the committee members to discuss the usage of the grounds.  Insurance was also brought up.  See article in the Times Express, December 23, 2010, pg. 2.  On January 11, 2010, Pitcairn Council meets.  PHS would like to request a timely response in order that the committee be able to proceed with plans for the event. 



7.  Eric stated that he has made some progress discussing lighting and stated some of the data he needs to make a lighting plan. 


8.  Soda that was purchased for our Fundraiser needs to be used by April, 2011.  The group decided to make sure it is used or donated by the sell date. 


9.  Kurt discussed with the group his attempts to find someone who will scan the 1897-1900 bound newspapers we have in archives.  Several responses to Kurt were received.  Louis will follow up on this.  He stated that preserving and being able to extract information from it should be priority goals.


New Business


10.  Carl, Sharon and Bruce are administrators of the website. Any changes or additions can be made to the site by them.


11.  Erma Watt requested that the PHS donate the podium for her church.  No objection. Betty Lou will contact Erma that the podium is donated as requested.


12.  Due to a water pipe breakage at the Wilmerding Castle, the Christmastree will remain up until we are contacted that we can enter the building.  Carl will check on our displays.  Also a donation is requested for restoration.  Betty Lou motioned that the PHS make adonation of $50.00, Kurt Seibel seconded. Motion carried.  Betty Lou will send a check to Wilmerding Renewed, Inc.



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