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December 5, 2011 Minutes

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Pitcairn Historical Society

Minutes of the Meeting

5 December 2011

Attendance: Louis Chandler, Carl Howard, Kurt Seibel, Eric Wallhausen, and Jim Rullo

1. The reading of the minutes of the previous meeting was dispensed with.

2. Eric reported that he and Sharon had volunteered as guides for the open house at the Museum on Saturday. Nov, 26. This was the first “test” of having the museum open for Saturday hours. There was one visitor that day.

3. A PHS display needs to be set up at the Park Building. Carl will contact Harry Fails to see if he is interested in taking on the task.

4. We plan on having a Christmas open house at the museum on Wednesday December 28 from 6 to 8 pm, followed by Christmas party for PHS members and their guests. Kurt, Betty Lou Howard and others will help with the food.

5. Museum Renovation Plan: Over the next few months we will continue to be working to upgrade the building to bring it more in line with its role as a museum There are six steps in the process:

a. Initial clean up and surplus equipment removal: Carl and Betty Lou Howard have worked to clean up the loft storage area, and Carl read off a list of equipment which can be disposed of. The group approved the list as read.

b. Carl and Louis have worked on a new display for uniforms.

c. Eric will construct a prototype of the shelves to be installed to display photos.

d. Kurt and Eric will install the partitions to set off space for display areas.

e. The railing in the administrative area needs to be moved.

f. The lighting needs of the museum need to be addressed.

5. ALL PHS members are reminded to go on to our website to resister: http://pitcairn-historical.webs.com so their names can be added to the mailing list.

6. The meeting was adjourned at 8:15.

November Minutes

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Pitcairn Historical Society

Minutes of the Meeting

November 7, 2011 Meeting was opened at 7:00

In attendance: Renee Whitehead, Jim Rullo, Eric and Sharon Wallhausen, Shannon and Kurt Seibel, Carl & Betty Lou Howard. Minutes read and accepted.

1. October meeting. October was a work meeting at the borough building. No regular meeting. Renee said that she knows of a person interested in looking at the bottles at the borough building. Eric saw them. Jim said that bottle can be worth something. Sharon suggested that we put them up for sale if not related to Pitcairn interest. Jim Rollo agreed that the money would better be used to preserve Pitcairn Artifacts. The Presbyterian podium was left in the closet to be brought down. We agree to sell other podiums. Only one needed to hold the sign-in book and it has historical value.

2. Community Days. Carl Howard attended the Community Days Summary committee. The report of participants was that it was a good event with money left over to start next years event. Correspondence: A thank you for appearing was sent by the Borough. Eric said that new people from the community came to look at the history booth. Some people lingered.

3. All of the interviews are now on DVD thanks to Bruce and Allen Howard who were able to convert the Panasonic tapes to DVD. The CD’s are divided by interviews. We discussed donating the video camera.

4. Disposal of the pew. We will bring the pew down from the balcony to photograph for sale on Ebay.

5. Opening: November 26th 11:00 – 1:00. Carl will have this put on the Pitcairn Cable and Pitcairn Patter. December 28th Christmas at the Museum 6 – 8 PM and have a Christmas Party.

6. Community Flag- Jim Rullo asked if Pitcairn has a community flag. We do not. Carl asked about the significance of Blue and Gold. The group discussed a contest perhaps. Kurt discussed starting with a fresh design. Renee will call Mr. West to see if he recalls.

7. Brick not yet set. Ordering by Phases.

8. Display at the Park Building needs done.

9. Eric is ready to start interviewing residents. He brought up Bruce’s suggestion to put interview questions on the website. He would like to provide questionaires in advance of his appointments so people are comfortable with the answers.

9. Eric worked on the building in lieu of PHS rent payment.

11. Dorthy Jae Welc paid for the DVD $10.00 and made a donation of $10.00 to the club.

12. A woman Ms. Portzer Yockey class of ’38, whose son found our website, copied a picture from our website of a group outside the Museum in a choir. She responded with a list names of all but one person.

14. Louis Chandler would like to rearrange some portions of display. The group is in favor unanimously.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:20.

Site Expansion

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I am happy to announce that the site is growing and we needed to expand to an extension site to post our videos. The expansion site can be accessed at:


We also have our own channel on youtube located at:


If you have a video pertaining to the history of Pitcairn and would like to have a clip of it on our channel, please email me at:

[email protected]

Thank you.

Sept. 12, 2011 Minutes

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Pitcairn Historical Society

Minutes of the Meeting

12 September 2011

Meeting was opened at 7:00

In attendance: Renee Whitehead, Jim Rullo, Eric Wallhausen, Louis Chandler and Carl & Betty Lou Howard..

Committees: Preserving Pennsylvania Workshop. Louis Chandler reported on the workshop he attended in New Castle. Representatives of Preservation Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, and PENNDOT gave presentations. The main purpose of the workshop was to show how members of communities could influence PENNDOT projects which might affect local sites of historical interest. A new website had been established as part of project PATH by which the public can track PENNDOT projects, provide feedback, and receive updates. The website is: http://www.paprojectpath.org. This is a great way to be made aware of projects and intervene in a timely manner, before things have gone too far.

Old Business:. Saturday Opening on Sept. 10. Several visitors took advantage of the Saturday opening of the museum, and a few CDs were sold. Eric Wallhausen reported that one visitor had promised a donation, including some PRR artifacts, which are very much needed.

.Materials in the Boro Building. Carl Howard reported that he had moved some things from the Boro building to the museum. More materials need to be moved out of the Boro building and stored in the museum or disposed of. Eric suggested that our next meeting be a working meeting held at the Boro building to sort through and move records, etc. Carl will look into this, and let everyone know by e-mail prior to the next meeting.

New Business: Community Day, Sunday, Sept. 18. We need to staff a booth for Community Day from 2 to 9 pm. Louis has volunteered to help Harry Fails set up the booth. Cheryl Arendas has volunteered to cover the 2:00-3:30 slot. Eric will cover the later time, but more volunteers would be helpful. Anyone interested should contact Carl.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:10.

August 1, Minutes

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Eric and Sharon Wallhausen

Louis Chandler

Jim Rullo

Carl Howard

Minutes were accepted as read for July minutes

Correspondence: Stephanie Hoover PennylvaniaResearch.com

Pennsylvania Geneology Specialists wrote to donate $20.00 and a thank you letter for the advertisement on the web news letter.

Lynn Chandler is on the cover of In Monroeville magazine with an article on the McGinley House which was presented for the group to review. Summer 2011 copy.

Sharon presented to the group a quiz that we used years ago to put on line for a KID”S HISTORICAL SECTION.

Old Business:

Caboose: Louis suggested that the first step in locating the Caboose should be discussed. Eric said that it would be safer from vandalism if closer to the road and more visible. Louis suggested parallel to Broadway. The group suggested several locations more visible such as parallel to the parking area and moving the kids park back. Louis said that it is between 20 to 25 tons. Carl said you would need a 50 Ton crane. The group feels that it is not prudent at this time to pursue due to elections; however, the group is willing to draw up a plan.

Books are selling. One book went to California. She saw a picture of a choir in front of the church and Carl sent her a copy of the picture in which she can name all but one of the people.

Eric will resume the Photo documentation program interviewing residents. He and Louis Chandler will use the camera during the Open Saturday in September and will document anyone who wishes to be interviewed during the event.

Video Camera: Carl has the camera. Both the old and the new camera’s. Bruce’s son Allen Howard was able to transfer the information from the old films to DVD. The group discussed transcribing the audio tapes also.

Brick: paid for but we do not know if it was ordered yet.

Eric will call Patty Kemerer; Times Express to thank Cheryl Arendas Opening Museum on Wednesdays from 11-1, Allen Howard for making DVD’s of our video recordings , Bruce Howard Sr. for our website http://Pitcairn-Historical.webs.com, and Louis Chandler for compiling our book which costs $15.00 and can be purchased by visiting our website. Saturday, September 3, 2011 during the Burger Bash PHS Museum will be open 11-3 PM. We also welcome new members.

Eric will open first half and Louis second half on that Saturday.

Jim said that we should make a sign letting people who come to the Burger Bash know that we are open during the Renaissance events. Jim suggested that they will hang the sign at their table.

Louis stated that he had discussed with the Heinz center consulting concerning lighting. So Louis felt that we should have a plan about what we want in regards to display to discuss with a professional about our objectives. He suggests that the window sills be extended to include binders that could be viewed. He stated that cases need to be better lit and used for artifacts while photos are more appropriate on the wall hung professionally and well mounted. Better use of Wall space and floor space, and communication of information to visitors was discussed. Sharon brought up idea about an audio tour. Eric stated that a pamphlet might work. Sharon stated that we should wait until we reorganize because the pamphlet could follow the orientation of the display. Louis will get back to the Heinz center to tentative schedule for consultation.

There is still information to bring down from the Borough Building and the floor area still needs repaired where the podium was removed. Carl spoke about reducing display areas. Sharon spoke about making a list of items we have in archive for review upon request.

July Meeting Minutes

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Sharon and Eric Wallhausen

Harry Fails

Jim Rullo

Betty and Carl Howard

Louis Chandler

Kurt Seibel

Minutes were accepted as read for June minutes unanimously.

Founder’s Day Report:

$102.00 made selling water and DVD’s and books. No inquiries about membership. All of the members who committed to assist were present.

Note: There is no longer a TV/VCR/DVD cart available at the Park Building. Kurt’s LapTop was used and the Photo Frame.

A camcorder was purchased for club with DVD card and cost was $163.32. Sharon was reimbursed for the purchase from HH Gregg in Monroeville. Sharon made a copy of the manual. Carl took the manual copy to put on his computer and Sharon suggested that it should be loaded on the Museum computer.

A DVD player for $29.00 was purchased by Carl.

Kurt returned the video tapes from the former camcorder. Carl is taking them to his grandson.

Eric said that he will take the lead to resume the photo documentation project this winter.

Brick ordered and paid for at the Renaissance Center Memorial Garden. Cost of the brick $60.00. 8 x 8 with Pitcairn Historical Society est. 1992.

Carl asked the group about books that were borrowed and people who owed money for DVD’s and books. Sharon paid $20.00 for two DVD’s.

Museum Opening:

Open on Saturday.

Talked about three hours on a Saturday. Louis suggested that we test the interest. Sharon suggested one Saturday per quarter. Kurt recommended opening during the Burger Bash the first Saturday in August and the first Saturday in September from 11 to 2 PM. Due to schedules the group agreed to be open the first Saturday in September.

The Caboose: Louis Chandler talked about refurbishing the Caboose and seeking grants.

Louis stated that the climate for grants is slim at this time but a plan should be in place starting with a proposal.

Meeting adjourned.

Pitcairn Womens Club

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A flyer has been added to the downloads page with contact information about the Pitcairn Womens Club cook book.

June meeting minutes

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Sharon and Eric Wallhausen

Harry Fails

Jim Rullo

Betty and Carl Howard

Don Coulter

Louis Chandler

Minutes were accepted as read for June minutes and were corrected and saved to May minutes.

Old Business:

Updating Videos and films to DVD format:

1. Carl stated that he has the ability to burn dvd’s and cd’s for the Pitcairn Historical Society.

2. Jim Rullo stated that he has a copy of Camp B from old super 8’s that have been placed on a DVD that he will share with Pitcairn Historical society going back to the 1950’s that we can include in our archives.

The group talked about the name Camp B that everyone thought was Camp “Boys”, but Jim stated was named after Balderson (sp) who was tragically killed in an accident. When the girls started their camp, they named it Camp G (Girl).

3. Carl visited with the Pitcairn High School Alumni building. They gave permission for our group to sell the DVD’s. Carl has made five copies for the Pitcairn Founder’s Day for sale. Sharon suggested that we advertise in the Pitcairn Alumni newsletter that we have them in DVD format. Carl needs permission to purchase blank DVD’s. The cost of the completed DVD will be $10.00. Eric motions that Carl has permission to purchase blanks and Harry seconded without exception motion passed.

Don Coulter said that there are mail envelopes for mailing at media/book rate.

Founder’s Day Committee Reports:

Carl stated that we need to get the water down to sell at the Pitcairn Founder’s Day. We have two coolers that we will fill with ice to cool the water. Betty suggests that towels are taken to wipe the bottles.

Carl also inquired about the photo frame, tv, vcr etc. to take for presentation. Sharon stated that Bobby Backus could tell us if there is still a TV cart with these things for our use.

Louis stated that the board, map that he made for early residents property locations was $7.50. It will be on display.

Those committing to be present for some period through the day are:

Louis Chandler Jim Rullo will be at the Renaissance table

Harry Fails Don Coulter

Eric Wallhausen Sharon Wallhausen Carl Howard

Carl printed brochures for passing out regarding the museum. Bruce Howard, designed the brochures. The printer, Norm, NoSa Ink, on Broadway generously donated the brochures.

Jim Rullo reported that 16 vendors will have a table at the event. Advertising through Facebook, individual clubs, Pitcairn Patter, posters, and flyers distributed throughout town and beyond.

The group discussed taking some historical items for display, some of the photo books to spark interest in the Museum. After the meeting, a few items will be selected for display.

Purchasing a Brick for the Pitcairn Renaissance Building

The group discussed the sizes and logos. Eric Wallhausen motioned that the group purchase an 8 x 8 brick with no logo stating PITCAIRN HISTORICAL SOCIETY est. 1992. and Betty Howard seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

Regarding the floor repair, St. Leocadia group is in process of starting.

Carl asked the group if they would like to remove the 12 foot pew. Sharon suggested that Kurt list it on Craig’s list.

The group discussed new equipment including camcorder, flat screen TV, etc. The group is ready to purchase a new camcorder and agrees to begin to research the item for best features and prices for our needs.

Louis visited the Wilmerding Castle for the George Westinghouse Day’s at the museum. It was small this year. Louis gave out Founder’s Day flyers and sold one book.

New Business:

To remove anything from the museum, sign a note and list everything you have taken.


Patty Barr was seeking information on a family named Sexauer. Her grandfather worked on the railroad. Don Coulter reported that the Pennsylvania Railroad Society does not have records of workers. The group discussed looking at the Pennsylvania Archives in Harrisburg to see what they have listed. Sharon suggested we post questions like this on our website.

Ellis Michaels made his cemetery research link on our website to the genweb cemetery archives.

Adjourned 8:16 pm


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May 2, 2011 Meeting

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Minutes were accepted as read for April minutes.


Old Business:


Pitcairn Founder’s Day: the price has dropped to $25.00 for a table.  Sharon made a motion that the Pitcairn Historical Society pay $25.00 to the Pitcairn Founder’s Day Festival.  The motion passed no exceptions.


The original batch of 30 books have been sold.  Additional sales of 12 or more have been sold of the next batch Carl ordered for 60 books. Some of the captions were revised before the second batch was printed. 


The pulpit has been taken out.  Eric, Kurt, and Carl have examined the floor.  A church in Wilmerding, St. Leocadia’s location received the donation of the pulpit and podium.  They will repair the floor by replacing the carpet piecing in some remnant that is on site.


Russell George corresponded with the Pitcairn Historical Society in accordance with our request. He wrote a bit about his life, meeting George Duvivier.  He wrote a personal letter and he included a Jazz CD in which he is an instrumentalist. He currently plays bass violin and lives in New York City.  He has played with Frank Sinatra. 


Kurt has created a FACEBOOK link that leads to our website.


New Business:


The group talked about Father Tom as well.  Jim Rullo will see him on June 25th and will ask if we can correspond with him for the Museum.


Carl wants to place a plaque on the wall to list the name of the society and hours to be placed on the door. Carl is getting a price from Signs By Tomorrow.  The price will be around $50.00.  Don Coulter said the times should be large enough to read from the cars traveling by to read.  Eric Wallhausen motions that Carl has the authority to order the sign for the Museum and Harry Fails seconded.  The motion passed no exceptions.


The group discussed occasional openings on Saturdays due to an audience that works and cannot come during current open hours.  The group talked about advertising openings on the local cable channel. 


Louis Chandler wants to use our tri-fold board to set up a display of a map that locates local families.  Eric Wallhausen motioned that the group pay for the map to be enlarged for display, Betty Howard seconded.  The anticipated cost is around $50.00. 


Harry has sold several books and some of the purchasers have donations for the museum.  Harry pointed out that one of the persons have Colonal Whitehead’s scout items including Eagle. Carl pointed out to make sure people know that we display items in rotation. 


The group discussed doing a Who’s Who display.  Jim said he can contact Don King who produced for Saturday Night Live to see if he would send a synopsis of his career or Pitcairn memories. 


Carl went to the site to send condolences to Rick Sebak from Pitcairn Historical Society on the death of his mother.


Announcements:  Dink Jae said (Dink was a postmaster) the picture is of Roy King.  This correction was made in the book. 


Castle in Wilmerding: Louis Chandler went to represent. A meeting will be on June 4, 11-4 PM for George Westinghouse Day. We are invited to pass out leaflets about our group.  We are awaiting Lora Hearn to get back to us about whether we can sell our books as well. The group does not have any volunteers at this time due to the nextweek’s participation in Founder’s Day. If Louis is setting up for Monroeville, we will make a brochure or flyer for Pitcairn’s hours. 


Eric also informed the group about the 2013 August 250th celebration of the Battle of Bushy Run. 


More DVD’s are needed of the Pitcairn in Pictures 1900 to1950.  Sharon will take a copy to see if we can burn some for sale. We are running low.


Kurt made a motion to adjourn and Harry Fails seconded.



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