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Feb. 6th. Minutes

Posted by Carl on February 10, 2012 at 4:35 PM

Pitcairn Historical Society

Minutes of the Meeting

February 6, 2012

Attendance: Louis Chandler, Carl Howard and Betty, Kurt Seibel and Shannon Seibel, Eric Wallhausen and Sharon, Don Coulter and Phylis, and Harry Fails.

Old Business:

1. The reading of the minutes from January. Minutes accepted as read.

2. The Pew will be kept for the use of the PHS and cut to fit under the window in the conference area.

3. The bulletin display on the wall at the Pitcairn Park Building Theme of Baseball will be done to coincide with the season. Harry Fails and Kurt Seibel will take care of this in February.

4. Clean-up of the Museum: Still need to find out from Harry about McGinnis materials.

5. Reenie donated a picture of the first flight at Johnson’s Air Field. Also a photo of the Italian Club on 8th Street which was built on the foundation of the first schoolhouse in Pitcairn.

6. Carl emailed the person interested in the 50th Anniversary Book and has not heard back. Group agreed to sell the additional book for $20.00.

7. Kodak was investigated online by Carl and there is little chance that they will be interested in buying the cameras. Carl will take pictures of them to put on Ebay. If they do not sell, we are going to dispose of them.


a. Eric constructed a prototype of the shelves to be installed with the lip to hold books. Eric said they are finished and need to be stained.

b. Partitions were be set up as display areas: 4 foot partitions, five set up. Proceeding at the time to label and tag, set up arrays, organizing photos and using text to explain something related to the photos. We have areas of concentration, based on themes in our archives. Louis suggested that we need a process for determining how to proceed to make the displays.

Louis has text laid out to explain the areas. The group needs to define the areas first. He suggests that this is a 6 mos. Process at least. The group reviewed and agreed to continue discussion in March.

c. A meeting of the work committee has been set for February 20, 2012 at 9 AM at which time the boxes on the balcony sorted through, bring down the pew, hang the Marquee.

New Business:

1. Harry explained the Bell that sits in the corner. Ancient Order Knights of the Mystic Chain in Pitcairn, pg. 59 of the 50th Anniversary Book. Bell called meeting to order, still looking for the bell striker, the chain attached has no significance.

2. Founder’s Day meeting scheduled for Wednesday, Feb. 8, 2012 at PHS. Sharon suggested that we had good exposure. Sharon motions that we participate in Founder’s Day and Kurt seconded. The cost of $25.00 last year was offset by what we earned on historical materials.

3. Discussion regarding costs for our Pitcairn Family Album to be sold at a discount rate of $10.00 to active members. Regular cost $15.00 plus $5.00 handling if mailed. Kurt motioned and Betty seconded. Motion carried.

4. Carl suggested that we assess what is not relevant to Pitcairn history before he makes the call to the bottle collector. He plans to request a donation for the bottles on display other than those that are Pitcairn relevant. The group is in agreement in the interest in preserving space for items that are pertinent to Pitcairn History.

5. Bruce put a statement on the website about tours for groups or individuals and the group generally discussed being open Earth Day / in accordance with the town clean up day. Kurt said that the site got around 1900 hits.

6. Eric has interviews set up for this next week. He will have the questionaires ready for the interview. Kurt will be there to help set up.

The meeting adjourned 8:35 PM.


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