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April Minutes

Posted by Carl on April 2, 2013 at 4:45 PM

Pitcairn Historical Society

Minutes of the Meeting

April 1, 2013


Attendance: Louis Chandler, Carl Howard, Kurt Seibel, Eric Wallhausen and Sharon, Don Coulter, Jim Rullo, and Reenie Whitehead.



Old Business:


Building committee:

Kurt Seibel and Eric Wallhausen built the dividers. Louis and Carl also came and worked. Aluminum trim still needs done. Kurt will make the trim for the divider walls. The group agrees, all in favor, that if Kurt completes one and it looks right, he will finish them all.


The group discussed returning unused framing wood to Home Depot. Some wood is still planned for a wall for the storage area.


Picture hangers are on hold right now. Louis Chandler and Kurt have been discussing mounting pictures on card stock. Louis needs some supplies. He needs foam board, ink, photo paper, museum quality putty to begin to display pictures.


Sharon motioned that the PHS provide $75.00 amount for the purchase of the supplies to provide a sample to the group of mounted pictures. Reenie Whitehead seconded. All in favor.


The group decided to amend Kurt’s approval for 100 hangers to 25 hangers. He will get them next visit. Sharon motioned that with the approval of three members, the sample being approved, Louis will move forward with the display project.


New Business: The group agreed to change to the Third Monday of the month to accommodate a conflict for Don Coulter. The next meeting will be on May 20th.


Sharon suggested that we put an advertisement in the Pitcairn Patter that we will be open on Sundays in June and July from 12:30 to 3:00. We will ask the Pastors to make an announcement in June’s bulletins. He will also announce the change of our meeting time. Carl will also ask for new members. Carl will also make sure Bruce changes the meeting time on the website. Pitcairn Cable can be used as well.


Donations of lanterns, first aide kit, Railroad pamphlets, railroad timetable, and Sharon donated paintings by Wayne H. E. Thomas, her father, painted by him of the HUMP, Brinton and Second street at night, Penn Car at Railyard, and Eleanor Street. Kurt Seibel purchased for $5.00 a picture of a PRR engine, 5 x 8.


The Park Building would like us to move the floor model showcase. They would like a few pictures for the wall display. Eric and Kurt will pick it up and bring it to the PHS. Arrangements to get in need to be done.


The piano will be sold on Craig’s list, by Kurt Seibel.


Kurt Seibel motioned that the PHS purchases the video camera and wireless microphone, Ebay plus tax and warranty. Total around $550.00. Louis Chandler seconded. All in favor.


Don Coulter showed the group a mock up of a an 18 x 20 picture that is being done in color that we will have of the PRR.


Eric motioned that the group release the funds for the purchase of poster of a a picture called “Smoke and Steam”, cost $103.90 27 x 36 that would need to be mounted. Don also suggested a site, Peter Lerro, paintings for purchase of a print in color.








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Reply Phyllis Flory
10:08 AM on June 1, 2016 
My husband, Jim, PHS class of 1956, is a 10 year veteran of the USN. He is not on the list of Pitcairn vets, but don't know how we missed reporting it. Please advise. Thanks, Phyllis Solak Flory