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Reply Tony Inglis
2:16 PM on January 28, 2019 
My great grandparents Donald and Dora Sloan lived on 311 Highland ave 1910-1920. Just a couple of doors away from the post office.. I believe that the three children in the Early post office picture are my grandfather "Edgar Sloan" and his two siblings Hubert and Margaret.. There is a interesting article in the Pittsburgh post march 13 1923 about Donald and Dora Sloan..
Thank you for the Great pictures
Reply Cindy Bush
9:47 PM on June 19, 2017 
My ggrandparents were Harry and Frances Obermeier of 92 Brinton Avenue. Their daughter was Frances Flynn and my father was Henry Flynn, born in Pitcairn and lived their until 1950. He worked for the "Turtle Creek Valley Railroad PRR" and was a volunteer fireman.
Reply George B. Parous
8:05 PM on January 4, 2017 
I went to first grade at the Pitcairn School #1 in 1964-65. Does this building still stand? I remember it was a pretty intimidating looking place to a 6 year old.
Reply Dennis P Brinton
10:45 AM on June 20, 2015 
I believe my grandfather, Francis J Brinton was an assistant yardmaster at Pitcairn yards in 1918 when he died. My father, Clifford R Brinton, lived in Braddock and my Uncle, Francis L Brinton lived in Trafford. After his death, my grandmother, Cecil, remarried, and the family lived for a time in Oil City before moving to Ravenna Ohio, then Akron Ohio, where I was born. I'm trying to trace my family roots back to the Pittsburgh area, and then back to the Philadelphia, where the Brinton family originally settled. I'm planning a trip to the Pitcairn area to do research and would appreciate any info on Brinton families.
Reply Carl
9:03 PM on December 30, 2014 
Hello Aaron Fish. We know your grandfather was into football and my wife may be able to give you more info. on him. She lived near the Lake family when they lived on McGinnis Ave. in Pitcairn.
Please contact me by e-mail. At [email protected]

Yours truly, Carl Howard.
Reply Carl
8:55 PM on December 30, 2014 
Aaron Fish says...
Hello, I recently found a suitcase of my grand father's which contained my photos of his father Leeroy Lake. There are many football photos and school photos. I'd like to see if I can find out more about Leeroy and his family. Any help would be appreciated!
Reply Aaron Fish
10:20 PM on December 28, 2014 
Hello, I recently found a suitcase of my grand father's which contained my photos of his father Leeroy Lake. There are many football photos and school photos. I'd like to see if I can find out more about Leeroy and his family. Any help would be appreciated!
Reply mary gall
11:17 AM on September 5, 2014 
I am looking for a photo or a newspaper account of the marriage of Eva May Smith and William Thomas at Center Ave Methodist church on Feb 6th 1929. It would mean so much to have aohot of my parents wedding. Thanks to anyone who can help me locate it. Mary Gall
Reply Melissa Perry
11:10 AM on March 11, 2014 
I am the granddaughter of Joseph & Ellen Michael who moved to Pitcairn in first decade of 1900 and had their three children Margaret, Sarah, and John Fisher Michael (my father) all born and raised in Pitcairn. I visited with my children in 1991 and by chance met couple who wife had gone to school with my aunts and father. Took us on a tour of Methodist Church of which my grandparents were founding members and Pitcairn High School. Showed us where my father's and Aunt Peg (Margaret) names were honored on plaque in church and downtown in park for signing up for military duty after Pearl Harbor. Found the house the grew up in looking as if they had just left. Not much changes in Pitcairn except they torn down the Round House where my grandfather had worked as a train engineer and my Dad worked every summer between school. Learned a lot about my Dad. My Aunt Peg always went back for reunions. So glad I visited & my kids got to see it.
It was wonderful. Makes all the pictures of my grandparents and Dad & his sisters living there so real. Loved it? Oh - Dad married my mother in 1947 when he was based as a Navy Aviator in Corpus Christ, TX - he stayed in Navy until 1953 then went to work for Eastern Airlines. Originally started by John Pitcairn & Sons from Pittsburg PA - the plant was in SE PA and when Dad went to work for them it was owned by Eddie Rickenbacker. But isn't that odd! Maybe Dad's love of flying started as a kid who once saw a plane exhibit by John Pitcairn? He choose to be based in Atlanta GA. I never felt like a southerner. Mom was from Corpus Christi, TX. My visit to Pitcain I found out my Dad was an All-American Athlete - he went to Loch Haven Teacher's College probably on a Basketball scholarship but really loved football. When I learned that on my visit in 1991 it suddenly dawned on me that my father was a Yankee. LOL Bet he kneww when the Pittsburg Steelers started. I have always had a soft spot for them. Forget the Atlanta Falcons. Go Steelers! Dad would have wanted me to cheer them on.
Reply Scott A.Farally
10:51 AM on January 3, 2014 
My name is Scott A.Farally and I am a resident of Pitcairn and currently the Chief of Police in Pitcairn. I do get to meet alot of the older generation while on patrol and enjoy talking to them.When I walk through Broadview Manor on Broadway ,I talk to the residents which were born and raised in Pitcairn along with their familys before them.They are really fun to be around, and have a wealth of information on the history of Pitcairn. Me and my wife call Pitcairn Home and plan on raising our family here as my brothers/sisters have already done. Also, being a past member of the Pitcairn Fire Hose co#1 and Pitcairn Ambulance I have learned and heard of some very interesting storys how the fires were extinquished in the early years and how medical attention was provided in the field.I learn more and more everyday about the history of Pitcairn and really enjoy it !!!