Memories Of Pitcairn Memories Of Pitcairn Pitcairn's Welcoming sign (2007) Pitcairn's Welcoming sign (2007) 101512424 Drawing of Pitcairn - 1901 Drawing of Pitcairn - 1901 101512400 Early Trolley along Broadway c. 1900 Early Trolley along Broadway c. 1900 101512391 A Cole Automobile A Cole Automobile on a national sales tour is displayed in Pitcairn in 1910 101512392 Airmail Envelope c. 1930 Airmail Envelope c. 1930 101512393 Broadway in 1909 Broadway in 1909 101512394 Broadway in Pitcairn in the 1940s Broadway in Pitcairn in the 1940s 101512395 Broadway in Pitcairn. 1920 Broadway in Pitcairn. 1920 101512396 Salyard's Hardware Dallas Foster (Dock) Salyard riding in an automobile past Salyard's Hardware on Broadway 101512398 Postal workers at the Pitcairn Post Office David Glew (standing left) is seen with fellow postal workers at the Pitcairn Post Office in this 1969 photo 101512399 Edgar McGinnis in 1926 Edgar McGinnis in 1926 101512402 F. X. Toohill, Jr F. X. Toohill, Jr., of Pitcairn 101512403 Hoel's Jewelry Store Hoel's Jewelry Store on Broadway at Wall Avenue in Pitcairn. c. 1910 101512406 John C. Toohill John C. Toohill in Pitcairn, c. 1920 101512407 John McGinnis John McGinnis (1798-1847) 101512408 Pearce's Furniture Store Pearce's Furniture Store in Pitcairn, c. 1900 101512409 Pitcairn Post Office, c. 1940 Pitcairn Post Office, c. 1940 101512416 Pitcairn. 1928 Pitcairn. 1928 101512420 Pitcairn's Allegro Mandolin Sextet Pitcairn's Allegro Mandolin Sextet 101512421 Pitcairn's first Borough building Pitcairn's first Borough building, built in 1902 101512422 Pitcairn's light Plant Pitcairn's light Plant to generate electricity for the community 101512423 Pittsburgh Railways Trolley Pittsburgh Railways Trolley in downtown Pitcairn. (1961) 101512425 Rebecca Barr Wilkinson Rebecca Barr Wilkinson (1815-1899) 101512429 Salyard's Plumbing and Heating Salyard's Plumbing and Heating on Broadway in the 1970s 101512430 Schiffler's Grocery Store Schiffler's Grocery Store at 534 Broadway in Pitcairn, in 1908 101512431 The George Matlick Brinton Homestead The George Matlick Brinton Homestead. Built in the 1830s, it later became a school in 1904 101512432 The McGinnis Homestead The McGinnis Homestead located at 318 Wall Avenue, was built by John C. McGinnis in 1899 101512433 Third Street in Pitcairn, 1908 Third Street in Pitcairn, 1908 101512434 Tilbrook Brothers General Store Tilbrook Brothers General Store in Pitcairn, c. 1900 101512435 Toohill House in Pitcairn Toohill House in Pitcairn, built in 1810 101512436 Pitcairn Borough. 2006 Pitcairn Borough. 2006 101512414 Pitcairn street scene Pitcairn street scene. Broadway Blvd. 2006 101512418 Pitcairn Banner (2007) Pitcairn Banner (2007) 101512413 Christmas in Pitcairn in 2007 Christmas in Pitcairn in 2007 101512397 Railroad Caboose in Pitcairn Railroad Caboose in Pitcairn 101512426 104616062 WWII Memorial Tablet Committee Back Row: L1 Herman Thomas, L8 Orville Grimm. Bottom Row: L4 Myrtle Jae Reese 193225665